API Versions

You can specify what version of the API to use by passing in the X-Api-Version header with your HTTP requests, with the version you wish to use. If you do not pass in a header, your request will use version v2020.07.08.


API Version: v2023.06.26

Document API

  • When filtering by the 'viewed' status of documents, only consider Documents that have not cancelled pickup links (either links generated ad-hoc on the Document Details page, or via Secure Send)


API Version: v2022.12.08

Inbox API

  • When outputting "accepted_order" field, change "document" to be just a URL pointing to the original Document. Also, add "document_data" as snapshot taken at document acceptance/confirmation.


API Version: v2022.11.16

Pickup Link API

  • expiration_date can now be obtained in ISO 8601 format. The time zone has also been changed from JST to UTC.


API Version: v2022.02.04

Document API

  • Support auto-generating the document number. Previously, "document number" field is required when creating a document. In the new version, if you do not send that field, a document number will be auto-generated.


API Version: v2021.08.23

Document API

  • Support autocalculation for line items of subtotal type.


API Version: v2020.07.10

Contact API

  • When updating a contact, setting email and / or addresses to null will now clear out these values. Previously, this did not do anything.


API Version: v2020.07.08

(Initial Version)